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Or  fight it out as a family feud

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cannot be overtaken by anyone

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If I can't do that myself anymore?

New energy sources

who do they actually belong to?

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Will and legacy

What will happen to your assets if you pass away? Does the law govern who your heirs are or do you regulate this yourself in your will?

A Will is tailor-made so that it can fit in seamlessly with your personal situation.

The law has a number of rules that limit you in your freedom of choice. Therefore, by submitting your wishes to one of our specialists, you can be sure that it is arranged properly.

If you have young children it also is wise to think about custody. You decide who cares for your children, both at the care and the financial level.

What should be arranged if you are no longer there?

Your funeral is very personal and it is reassuring if it is taken care of according to your wishes.

In addition, your inheritance must be financially settled. In addition to all sorts of practical matters, such as cancelling your subscriptions and arranging your banking business, tax matters have to be regulated as well. You should think of your final income tax return and the declaration inheritance tax.

Our specialists can assist and support you in this whole process or in parts.

A question about Will and legacy

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