Do you prefer to excel as a family business

Or  fight it out as a family feud

Whoever follows their own path

cannot be overtaken by anyone

Who decides on my business

if I can't do that myself anymore?

New energy sources

Who do they actually belong to?

Whoever thinks big, thinks Olenz


All About relationships

Are you married, registered partners or cohabiting or are you going to do so in the near future?

The law regulates many legal requirements if you marry or enter into a registered partnership. If you live together, the law does not regulate anything, however, it is wise to have an agreement and to make it legal. A civil partnership agreement in a notarial deed provides you with several tax advantages.
Even if you are going to get married or have a registered partnership, it may be advisable to make amendments to what the law dictates.

In marital or partnership agreements, you can include these conditions. These agreements can, for example, also protect you against claims of your partner’s creditors.

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