Do you prefer to excel as a family business

Or  fight it out as a family feud

Whoever follows their own path

cannot be overtaken by anyone

Who decides about my company

If I can't do that myself anymore?

New energy resources

who do they actually belong to?

Whoever thinks big, thinks Olenz


You and your partner are separating. An emotional and distraught period in your life starts in which you also have to make arrangements and take important decisions. Good guidance with this is of utmost importance.

If you and your (upcoming ex-) partner would like to make arrangements together, then Olenz Notaries is your trusted advisor. Mrs. Leonie Stockel is a registered mediator and a qualified notarial separation mediator.

The benefit of the notary as a supervisor in your divorce is that you can make all the arrangements under one roof. It does not matter if you are living together, are registered partners or married. Olenz notaries will prepare with you, the Covenant and any parental plans, will create a maintenance calculation for you, arrange the filing of the petition for divorce at the court, provide the allocation of the dwelling to either of you and your Wills can be adjusted equally to the new situation.

That saves a lot of worries!

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