Do you prefer to excel as a family business

Or fight it  out as a family feud

Whoever follows their own path

cannot be overtaken by anyone

Who decides on my company

If I can't do that myself anymore?

New energy resources

who do they actually belong to?

Expertise Olenz Notary Netherlands

Your question is our starting point

Our partners and specialists have different expertises, but possess the same base characteristics: ambitious, enterprising and accessible.

Olenz up to date

The specialists of Olenz notaries keep a close eye on the latest legal developments.

You and your company

As an entrepreneur you are constantly on the move. And where there is movement , there is changed.


You and your partner are separating. An emotional and distraught period in your life breaks down in which you also have to make important decisions. Good guidance is important.

About sustainable investments

Sustainable investment

Sustainability is not only a modern term at Olenz; We really believe in it too!

Will and legacy

What will happen to your assets if you pass away?

Buy a property

A notarial deed is obligatory when transferring real estate and the associated mortgage.