Whoever thinks big, thinks Olenz

Since 1681

On 18 March 1681, the first act of our office was put on seal. We know this because all the deeds are registered under a protocol number.

Notary C. Boumeister was the first notary with number 1503, a number that is still connected to Olenz notaries today.

Notary Boumeister

Notary Boumeister was succeeded by many well-known Veenendaal notaries, including J.G. Sandbrink, J. Hage and the notaries Oude Luttikhuis and Zwaan who formed a membership in 1988. With the move from our office to the Vendelier in Veenendaal our name in 2010 was changed to Olenz notaries. More than 300 years old, but a ​progressive office with three notaries, nine nominee notaries and fourteen staff members.

At our current location we can grow in quality, knowledge and employees. Moreover, we are easily accessible to the regional entrepreneur and we can further develop our nationwide network.